The MPC’s Institutional Archive

In February 2015, the MPC approved the organization of an institutional archive to preserve materials based on oral history interviews, administrative records, procedures for data development and integration, and memorabilia. The goal of the Minnesota Population Center Archive is to collect, organize and preserve materials documenting the growth and development of the MPC and the IPUMS and their contribution to social science infrastructure.

A History of Data: Information Technology and the MPC

Bethel University Professor of History Diana L. Magnuson is documenting the growth of the Minnesota Population Center. Believing that preserving institutional memory is vital, the Center is supporting Magnuson’s work to capture oral histories of past and present MPC faculty and staff. This is the second in a three-part series, with oral histories from the information technology (IT) side of the MPC. For over 16 years, the IT staff has collaborated with the MPC research staff to recode and disseminate data, develop specialized software, and make research more efficient. The “secret sauce of the MPC” is the longstanding synergistic collaboration … Continue reading…