Building Community through Education, Sociability, and Shared History

A quilt square created by IPUMS/MPC staff.

Building a strong sense of community is fundamental to nurturing and sustaining successful organizations.  IPUMS and the MPC pursue three avenues—educational, social, and historical—for building community for its faculty, research associates, staff, and affiliates.

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The Spatial Evolution of the MPC

Willey Hall - 2772
Willey Hall, home of the MPC

Bethel University Professor of History Diana L. Magnuson is documenting the growth of the Minnesota Population Center. Believing that preserving institutional memory is vital, the Center is supporting Magnuson’s work to capture oral histories of past and present MPC faculty and staff. This is the fourth installment in a series on the institutional history of the MPC.

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When your community determines your health


Associate Professor of Epidemiology Theresa Osypuk is using new tools and methods to rethink the way inequality relates to health in the U.S. Using data from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Moving to Opportunity for Fair Housing demonstration project, Osypuk is revealing that the health gains in families who have relocated away from poverty vary.

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