The Evolution of Our Physical Space

Over the last several decades, what is now called IPUMS has grown exponentially, offering more harmonized data than ever before with each passing year. This growth was made possible by an increasing number of employees, who required an increasing amount of physical space to house IPUMS HQ. We currently have an exhibit documenting the history of those spaces, following the journey as IPUMS continually outgrew its surroundings until it landed in Willey Hall.

A new exhibit, “The Evolution of Our Physical Space,” opened in April in our Seminar Room. This exhibit, which combines photographs, maps, blueprints, and other items, highlights the many spaces inhabited by IPUMS and the MPC, from humble beginnings in a single small office in 1989 to multiple spaces accommodating over 130 employees today.

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Powered by IPUMS

At IPUMS HQ, we generate our own research to present at conferences—but that’s only one small sliver of the the work that is powered by IPUMS data worldwide. At the 2018 Population Association of America (PAA) Annual Meeting, IPUMS appeared in many posters and presentations from universities and research institutions across the globe. Here are just a few examples of the work at PAA that was #poweredbyIPUMS.

Do you do work that is powered by IPUMS? If so, use the #poweredbyIPUMS hashtag, and tag us on social media! We are @ipums on Twitter and Facebook.

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Bob McCaa Named 2018 IUSSP Laureate

At this year’s Population Association of America annual meeting, our very own Bob McCaa was given the honor of being elected 2018 IUSSP Laureate. IPUMS director Steven Ruggles introduced his long-time colleague at the awards ceremony. For those of you who weren’t in attendance, here is Steve’s speech.

IUSSP Laureate Ceremony at PAA
Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Denver, CO

Introductory address by IPUMS Director Steven Ruggles.

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