Building Community through Education, Sociability, and Shared History

A quilt square created by IPUMS/MPC staff.

Building a strong sense of community is fundamental to nurturing and sustaining successful organizations.  IPUMS and the MPC pursue three avenues—educational, social, and historical—for building community for its faculty, research associates, staff, and affiliates.

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Submit your work for an IPUMS Research Award

We are pleased to announce the 9th annual competition for the best research papers using the IPUMS microdata collection. Papers or publications submitted should utilize IPUMS-USA, IPUMS-CPS, IPUMS-International, NAPP, or IHIS to study social, economic, and/or demographic processes. We are looking particularly for papers that use innovative approaches, comparative analyses, interesting variables, or multiple IPUMS datasets.

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The MPC’s Institutional Archive

The 1880 public use sample 1 in 1000 subsample, the first data release of the historical census projects, October 1990

In February 2015, the MPC approved the organization of an institutional archive to preserve materials based on oral history interviews, administrative records, procedures for data development and integration, and memorabilia. The goal of the Minnesota Population Center Archive is to collect, organize and preserve materials documenting the growth and development of the MPC and the IPUMS and their contribution to social science infrastructure.

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