IPUMS Time Use Research in Action

This past month, the IPUMS Time Use team attended the International Association for Time Use Research (IATUR) meetings, which were held in Washington, DC from July 10-12. The meetings were engaging and inspiring, and there were many papers featuring IPUMS Time Use data. We love seeing our data being used! This blog post features some of the research that was powered by IPUMS. Please let us know if we missed any presentations, papers or posters that were #poweredbyIPUMS!

See the IATUR website for more information on the conference and upcoming events.

The Relative Influences of Sexuality and Gender on Partnered Americans’ Leisure Time

Eric Stone, University of Maryland

Unequal and Alone: How Marriage Stratifies Time Spent Alone by Sex, Race, and Education

Kelsey Drotning, University of Maryland

ATUS Well-Being Session

  • Sarah Flood, University of Minnesota
  • Daniela Negraria, Max Planck Institute
  • Carrie Shandra, SUNY Stonybrook
  • Jocelyn Wikle, Brigham Young University

Games for the young, television for the old: evolving screen time in the American Time Use Survey

Gray Kimbrough

Developmental activities & the summer setback: Does parents’ time spent with children vary by race?

Corey Culver, University of Minnesota

IPUMS Time Use: Online data dissemination system

Dan Backman, University of Minnesota

Story by Dan Backman
Senior Data Analyst