2019 ASEC Data Now Available from IPUMS CPS

As summer turns to fall, we look forward to changing leaves, hot cider, and a fresh crop of crisp new ASEC data! This year’s ASEC comes with many changes and improvements to family relationship, income, and health insurance data. So unpack your favorite sweater, fill your favorite mug with a warm beverage, and settle in for a run-down of the new and improved 2019 ASEC.

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IPUMS CPS Now Offering Unharmonized Variables

Have you ever wanted to include a Current Population Survey (CPS) variable in your analysis that isn’t available in IPUMS CPS? Maybe you have even gone through the drudgery of merging original CPS data onto your IPUMS CPS extract. Well, no more! IPUMS CPS is now offering original basic monthly CPS data as unharmonized variables to save you the trouble. And we’re not stopping there — ASEC and topical supplement unharmonized variables are in the pipeline!

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Updated variables in IPUMS CPS and IHIS ease discovery and research of same-sex and cohabiting couples


IPUMS has updated the family interrelationship variables in IPUMS CPS and the Integrated Health Interview Series (IHIS) to include same-sex and cohabiting couples. The updated variables dramatically reduce research barriers for those interested in this family and household context.

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